Multi-Generational Cohousing in Flagstaff Arizona

VISION:  Our vision for Flagstaff Cohousing is to be an intentional community that nourishes body and soul and celebrates our diversities and life experiences. We embrace living sustainably on the earth, creating a beautiful, joyful and peaceful place to live, continuing to grow, and responsibly honoring our commitment to one another. We are committed to establishing a workable balance between having private lives, doing our share for our community and reaching out to the wider community.

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Who We Are

We are a group of several committed individuals who are deeply engaged in the Flagstaff community.  Our members have a wide range of professional experience and currently volunteer in areas of social consciousness and peace, science, music and the arts, sustainable gardening and biological diversity, mental health, literacy, business and community development. We are committed to addressing inequality and intolerance and we work to include families and individuals from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds.