Additional Resources

Still have questions, or want to know what other cohousing communities are doing? Peruse our ever-growing collection of articles, videos, and blogs for a multi-faceted look at cohousing.

International Map of Intentional Communities

Cohousing communities take all number of forms and flavors across the globe -- illustrated in sharp relief in this map. The common thread: lives of intention and compassion, sharing and diversity. Courtesy of the Fellowship for Intentional Community.


Check out the directory tab to see all ~200 communities in the US. Under Creating Cohousing, see videos for a lot more information about cohousing communities.

Co-founder Katie McCamant and her husband Chuck Durrett brought the concept of cohousing from Denmark to the US in the 1980s. Katie is skilled in every aspect of cohousing development from building community to architecture, project management and energy-efficient design. We've engaged Katie as our consultant.