Flagstaff Cohousing is working to create Flagstaff’s first intentional cohousing community. We are forming an urban, green cohousing community that addresses the needs of singles, working parents, children and seniors.

PLEASE NOTE that, as we are just forming, almost all details (except a commitment to live in peaceable and supportive community with each other, our neighbors, and the earth) are subject to change as residents design their own community.

Our goal is to bring 30 households together in a multi-generational community to grow together, care for one another, and engage actively in the Flagstaff community and the world. We intend to live lighter on the land by building a compact group of smaller homes or townhomes using ecologically sustainable principles and materials. We are financially sound, and we have hired national consultant, Katie McCamant of Cohousing Solutions, to help us to bring our vision to reality.

Our Members

We already have a core group of several committed individuals who are deeply engaged in the Flagstaff community. Our members have a wide range of professional experience and currently volunteer in areas of social consciousness and peace, science, music and the arts, sustainable gardening and biological diversity, mental health, literacy, business and community development. We are committed to addressing inequality and intolerance and we work to include families and individuals from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds.

We intend that our cohousing community will contribute to Flagstaff in many positive and active ways and we have the resources, talents and commitment to do so. Our creative group plans to realize an inclusive and proactive style of shared community that is visionary for Flagstaff.

Our Creative Team